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# Please adjust this information! How to use the template

## Edit this issue! Adjust the issue
- In "Description": remove this text and add a short description of * **Subject** should have your software or project name in it, keeping "Onboarding"
- add a contact * **Assignee** should be the person responsible for the onboarding process as assignee (or add as " **contact:** xxx" (contact person)
* **Tags** should include your ESFRI
* **Documentation** can link
to additional information about your project
* **Meeting contribution** will point to
the description indico contribution containing slides and video recording of your onboarding talk
- provide the * The issue should link to a an issue describing the software issue itself.

## How to create Completing the checklist
* Register your
software issue with the [software survey](
This issue tracks * Schedule your onboarding, therefore we need another issue presentation to describe the software/project itself. This is done by filling a software issue. If not yet done, please provide a software issue by copying FG1 meeting in [this template]( and filling it. You should poll](
- Fill * Give the template as described in onboarding presentation and link the template description indico entry of the onboarding under "Meeting contribution"
- move * Add the issue relevant metadata to your ESFRI's project (or to this project if your ESFRI does not have a project yet or your software is not related to any ESFRI repository
- don't forget **to link** the issue * Register to this issue as "Related issue"! zenodo