Integration #121

Updated by Jutta Schnabel 7 months ago

A CME database: Data from Coronal Mass Ejection ## Adjust the issue
* **Subject** should have your software or project name in it, keeping "Onboarding"
* **Assignee** will be the OSSR maintainer assigned to your onboarding
* **Tags** should include your ESFRI
* **Documentation** will link to your tech report in indico
* **Meeting contribution** will point to the indico contribution containing slides and video recording
of plasma your onboarding talk
* The issue should link to an issue describing the software itself.

## Completing the checklist
* Schedule your presentation to the FG1 meeting following [this wiki](
* Give the onboarding presentation
and magnetic field from link the indico entry of the onboarding under "Meeting contribution"
Sun * Add the relevant metadata to your repository
* Register to zenodo